Oklahoma Tornado's

After a 2,000 mile trip in 4 days, I received a call about an hour from home that one of the parks I had an interest in was just hit by a tornado. I initially thought that my cousin (who helps overseee the park) was kidding. Well it turned out to be reality and it seemed like deja vu. This happened to one of my other parks on October 11, 2001 (one month after September 11).

I have made the trip to Oklahoma now and my thoughts and prayers are with the families that have lost a loved one, are struggling to recover in the hospital, and have lost their homes. There were 45 homes in the park plus a single family home. There are now 5 homes in the park with twisted metal and debris all over the place. The brick home is 2/3 gone and has a mobile home frame laying where the garage used to be.

From the accounts that I have heard so far, it appears the tornado was about 1/2 mile wide and stayed on the ground in almost one place for over 30 minutes. There have been 3 people that lost their lives that lived in the park and we ask that you think of them in your prayers.

Dave Reynolds