Oil/Gas Homes for Long Term MHP Residential?

Has anyone considering bringing in oil/gas drilling series homes to their parks recently to alleviate the factory backlog we’re all experiencing? If so how did you approach concerns related to the following:

  • floor plan layout (usually has an office up front with a separate entry door instead of a third bedroom)
  • A/C configuration (generally mounted on the hitch)
  • Any special HUD code considerations?

We had the same thoughts. We need 7 trailers to complete our 2 trailer parks in Portland OR.
We need to have them nearby and coded for OR MPHcodes.
Let us know if you find anything. I found something in Louisianna, but that’s too far from us.
They may be too chintzy built for long term housing. Let us know what you find out, and I will do the same for you…