Ohio Well Water

Any folks in Ohio that can give feedback that would be appreciated as I do my research. Buying a park in Ohio. Test results from October 2021 show positive for Caliform (E -Coli negative). Since a few test show positive a Level II assessment was performed by Ohio EPA with suggestions. The park had two level I assessments in a consecutive 12-month period. The first on July 23, 2021. On October 20, 2021 was conducted. The Ohio EPA requested a repair on electrical sealing a gap between the conduit and the well cap. Also, and issues with the pressure takes. It appears one was replaced and the other was rebuilt. I will need to get a copy of the earlier report and conduct due diligence on the wells.

Is it normal to get positive results back on these wells for Colifrom? Is is typically carelessness or a sign of issues with the well. Trying to get a better understanding at this point.

Could be as simple as a old gasket on the well head letting contaminated water in or it could be an old unsealed well that needs to be abandoned and a new one drilled… others here know more about this stuff than I do, but I would certainly contact one or more local well companies and get their eyes on the reports and meet them on site, if possible.

It definatly is not normal to have positive test results. In my area we are required to have the water tested weekly and any positive results trigger a ministry inspection. We have very stringent safe water requirements which is good for both owners and residents.
Is there any form of water treatment in place. filters, UV etc.

Not sure about filters yet. I do know a level 2 was triggered as a result.

Coliform hits are rare but do happen.
Luckily, with Coliform, you are not subject to an immediate Boil or Bottle order.

Sounds like the water had more than one positive TC (Total Coliform) hit. My guess is that the first TC positive triggered a level 1 assessment, but 2 in a 12 Month period triggered a Level 2. I would get the report from the LEA and be sure that all items on the assessment reports are complete.

If the problem continues the LEA will likely make the water system start Chlorinating. The EPA is making things more and more difficult to navigate a well water system. They are pushing Chlorination and consolidation. Just be prepared to start Chlorinating.

When you do have to Chlorinate you will need a T1 or higher operator.

TC positive hits are more likely in hotter months. I would also ask the operator for the CL2 protocols used to clear the TC from the system. Some operators are reluctant to blast the system with a high CL2 count, but often that is what’s needed to clear the system.

If it is allowed go with UV treatment. It is what I use and is far easier to operate than clorination.

Ohio require chlorination for parks