Ohio -Terminating month to month lot agreement

We have a resident who we would like to terminate the month to month agreement. Looking to see if any parks have experience in Ohio and what the outcome was. We are looking for the road of least resistance.

I haven’t had to do it yet but from what I’ve learned, a judge will likely allow it (if it goes to court) but they may give the tenant a bit of time to move especially if they own the home. If you need to do it I suggest you send them a letter telling them you are ending their lease and cite any clause/language you have in the lease they signed supporting your lease termination.

In Ohio it is a challenge if it is a tenant owned home. Firstly, you are not allowed to have a month to month lease unless the tenant signs a statement saying that they have opted for that in lieu of a 12 month lease.

Secondly, this could be a complicated matter, and you should be speaking to your Ohio attorney. Some considerations are to terminate the lease based on rules violations, but there is certain documentation that you would need. Your attorney could help you with a strategy that works.

If it is a park owned home, it follows the apartment laws, and it is much easier to terminate the lease.

Unfortunately, we have a resident who causes a lot of drama. We are hoping to catch him causing damage to park property, but he knows the system. As such, I was hoping to find someone who has experience in this area.

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From what I’ve seen it comes down to the court having jurisdiction. We have done a 30 day non renew and refunded any money paid over that timeframe. Successful in Montgomery county. Warren county more difficult. Find a good eviction attorney. What county are you in?

Medina County , Ohio