Ohio Resources Needed

All - I’m working on an MHP acquisition in the Toledo Ohio area and can use some references:1.  Lenders.   Anyone have positive experience in Toledo or elsewhere in Ohio financing a small park (+/- 35 lots and under $500,000 purchase price)?2.  Contractor/Repairman.  I could use a reliable mobile home repairman to inspect the park owned homes during feasibility (and to perform any required work after the acquisition).3.  Other Consultants/Profeesionals.  Any other references would be great (surveyor, landlord/tenant lawyer, plumber, electrician, paving contractor etc.)Any leads would be much appreciated!

I have a park in ToledoSurveyor:I used Paul Winters at ESA after he came up with the lowest bid, and his service was superb.  419-475-9445Electrician - I’ve had good experience with Larry of Porter HVAC and electrical - 419 727 0950Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about the Toledo market:noel@avtcapital.com

Thanks! I will definitely take you up on that offer.

If banks won’t lend for whatever reason and hard money is too costly, try seller financing.

I can buy all or part of the seller financed note at or shortly after closing.

Thanks and keep us posted,

Mike Weiss