OHIO park owners: MH Lender Performance Equity Partners (PEP)

PEP is based in IL and does MH lending in 5 midwest states and TX. I am trying to drum up some interest for them to become licensed in Ohio. They are a small company and it appears they take more hands on approach than most lenders. Check out the website at peplending.com. The person I talked to was Richard Voboril. Just to be clear - this is for home only loans. They would be competing with 21st Mortgage, Origen, Triad, etc.


They are good guys with some creative financing programs and are already operating in six states.

In Ohio, there is another regional lender - Alliance - which is run by the son of the man who started Mobile Consultants Finance over 20 years ago. They operated much like Triad but buy somewhat differently.

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@bjy, @RishelConsultingGroup, could you please tell us more about home PEP Lending works? Do you have to contact them before you bring homes into your park? Can they finance POH that are already in your park? How much do they finance? Do they require a dealers license? thanks.

I have not spoken with them for a long time. Not sure if they ever got licensed in Ohio. CASH program from 21st seems hard to beat.