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I have been doing Lonnie deals in Ohio for a little over a year now. In an effort to make sure I’m doing everything correctly, I filed for a dealer’s license here in OHio. The application took about a month and was kicked back because I didn’t have a vendor’s license. I got one, a transient vendor’s license so that I can conduct business in multiple counties, and sent off the application for the dealer’s license. This took a few more months and now I’ve recieved a call from the state requiring certain physical requirements of a dealer that I can not meet.For instance, they are telling me that in order to get a license for a used motor vehicle dealer, I need to have a place of business, seperated from other businesses, open between normal business hours, staffed, with signage, and it has to have at least 3500 square feet of display yard. I explained that I’m dealing in mobile homes which are in various parks and that a display yard would just sit empty. They are telling me that this doesn’t matter. If I’m dealing in motor vehicles, which a mobile home is considered in Ohio, then I must meet the physical requirements of a used motor vehicle dealer. Have you guys run into this? Is there some type of loop hole I’m missing? I simply don’t have the cost of the overhead to buy a commercial piece of property for the sake of meeting license requirements. I was thinking maybe I could buy a small portion of an already existing park or something just to make this work or maybe get a dealers license in say, vegas or something, and conduct business here…I don’t know… Any info would be a lot of help…

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I have been doing L/Ds for 5 yrs in 3 counties of Ohio with no dealer’s license. Karl (OH) did well over 100 deals before obtaining a broker’s license. Several other colleagues have no dealer’s license. When asked at DMV, just say you are an investor, not a dealer. This distinction makes no technical difference but it works.

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