Ohio Attorney or MHPstore contract

I am working with a seller on a park and he is open to seller financing. WHat would be best for the contract 1) using an attorney or 2) THe MHPstore contract form available.Also, does anyone have any recommendations on attorneys in Ohio?thanks, Lynn

Where is the MHP form located on this site?

The contract is not on this site- it is available if you attend a bootcamp or buy material where it is included. I would recommend you have a good real estate attorney look at any contract you use. So you can start with the MHPS contract, but have it looked at and adjusted for state law in necessary. Anytime your a bit unsure- have it looked at.As a side note- prepaid legal will look at this stuff all day long. So you might check into that type of service, open a cotract with them in the name of your primary ownership arm and see what they say. 

Lynn, as a SC Real Estate Broker I would recommend obtaining an Ohio Real Estate Attorney.  I do agree with Jim to have the Ohio Real Estate Attorney look at the Mobile Home Park Store Contract (just to make sure all bases are covered).We wish you the very best!