Offering an Assignment on Nebraska park with Orangeberg

I have a 37 space park in Eastern Nebraska under contract, low lot rents with lots of up side. 31 occupied. Has new storage buildings as well that are all full and under market rents.
City water and sewer, Orange-berg stubs to main line that is 8 inch Clay tile. Some have been replaced.
Asphalt roads , some parts ok some need some work.
lot rent is currently 150
water is direct billed from city
trash is included in rent and can be passed on to tenant.
80k metro with several ag, ethanol, and other large employers close buy
130 140k median home price
$830 2bd apartment rents median
54k household income
comes with one contract (28k balance) and one rental (70s), all the rest are tenant owned.
I have several larger parks in the pipeline and don’t have time for this smaller park.
I have it under contract at 490k but It can be renegotiated, this was before the orange berg discovery.
Message me if serious I can give you more info. Looking for a assignment fee of 10k


Please email me info to I have several parks in Nebraska. Thanks

I’m interested. Have a park with Orangeberg pipes, know the routine…

It is currently spoken for until this Friday, if it becomes available again I will let everyone know. Thanks for the interest.

I’m also interested.

Thank you, if things falls through I will let everyone know.