Off market, direct-to-seller deal - SC

5-unit “mixed” multifamily for sale

2 houses
2 mobiles
1 rented lot (TOH)

Sits on together on same 2-acre parcel
Columbia, SC
Easily a 7% cap. ** Once 5th unit rented = 9% cap

Discounted cash price = $255,000 AS-IS

Inquire within.

If you have a set up for this project could you please email it to me at dydutility (at) gmail (dot) com.



Hello. I do not understand your question. You asked about a “setup”?

I’m in Columbia. joetrailerpark. At. Gmail

Financial reports, location, photos — the documents a prospective buyer would need to see.

Please provide your email address. The first message you sent was interpreted as spam and deleted.

I’m very interested. My email is my name dot com.

Adam at PETRIELLA period com.

Phone is area code three one zero four zero three eighteen seventy three. is my email

Is my number