Off Market - 46 Sites - Columbia, MO

Off Market – 46 Sites Columbia, MO

$800,000 Purchase Price + $50,000 assignment fee

Occupancy & Pad Inventories			
Total Available Sites 			46
Economic Occupancy			67.4%
Revenue Producing Pads [I + II]			31
I. Owner Occupied Homes [Site Rent Only]			22
II. Rental Homes [Site & Home Rent]			9
Non-Revenue Producing Pads [III-V]			15
III. Community Owned Homes [Vacant]			6
IV. Vacant Sites			8
V. Playground/Storage			1

*$300-325 Lot rent
*Park owned home rent $500-700
*Water and sewer included in lot rent. Upside to bill back water and sewer
*6 Vacant homes for rehab or tear down
*Additional 8 Sites available to move homes in
*Opportunity to rehab existing home inventory and fill vacant lots with new or used homes
*Minor zoning issue will need to be worked out

If interested, please email

Full due diligence report and additional details can be provided.

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