Odor in House

We recently bought a mobile in our park and there is an awful odor, it’s either small children or puppies pee, anybody have any ideas how to get rid of the smell? It’s better since we tool all the fabric, towels, curtains, etc out but it’s still there.

Ozone treatment.

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if it is in the sub floor, you will need to:
1) pull/replace carpet and treat the wood with bleach.
2) replace with new flooring
3) prime/paint walls and ceiling
4) clean ac ducts(if applicable)

If it is in the sub floor- we seal the floors with paint as well. Home Depot type places will have 5 gallon buckets of paint that was returned, and it sells cheep. No one will see the purple floors… 

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remove all carpet
wash the floor with 50/50 ammonia and water. this kills the organics.
if it still smells wash again with 50/50 vinegar and water. this gets rid of urine in wood smell.

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Another concern I recently learned about is that a home that has been used to produce methamphetamine can have a very strong chemical odor that closely resembles the smell of (bad) urine/ammonia.  You may want to research that possibility a little more, possibly talk to law enforcement to learn about any history they might have, and also consider testing to eliminate that as a risk.  Former meth labs are serious health risks to any occupant until properly dealt with.

Is the property on septic by chance. I had this problem just last week of bad odors going Into the home.
We pumped the tank and odor seemed to go away. Like others say, treat the floor and seal it, paint the home, air it out and then add the carpet.
As to pets in rentals due to high demand I am avoiding renting to pet owners and staying full.

You may want to double check the sewer venting as well.  If there is a ‘rotten egg’ odor it will be H2S, hydrogen sulphide, an insidious, or sneaky, compound.  In no event do you want to have that in any building, especially a dwelling.  Proper venting to atmosphere and proper drain trapping will prevent that.  BTW, the traps are there to trap the sewer gases in the line which forces them to vent thru the vent line going to the roof instead of venting into the building.  Any complaints of sewer smells are serious and should be dealt with accordingly.  The other 2 gases common in sewer systems are H2, methane, and CO2, carbon dioxide.  Both are colorless and odorless and can cause bodily injury.  This is mostly FYI, as it doesn’t sound like you have a real problem.
Jim Allen

We recently had a Mobile Home where the Renters (who had two dogs) moved out.My Husband said that it smelled like a Vet’s Office.  Thankfully, I never had the opportunity to verify the smell…but trust his smelling abilities :-).After they moved out we had all the carpet and vinyl on the floors removed.  We then had the subfloors painted.Both my Husband and I went into the home last week (after the removal of the carpet, vinyl and painted subfloors) and we could not smell anything bad.We will now paint the ceilings and walls and lay down new, vinyl flooring.It is amazing how much odor carpet, carpet pad and subfloors can absorb.I agree with Jim Johnson to purchase returned paint from Home Depot /or/ Lowes.We were at Lowes last week and they actually had the prettiest colors (very light green and blue) for sale for $10 a can.  What a deal :-).  New paint…just the wrong tint for the original buyer.We wish you the very best!

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Have ventilation system cleaning to prevent the odor in our home.

Remove all carpeting and inspect the subfloor for urine damage. Replace the subfloor as needed. Paint over the subfloor with Kilz. You may have to remove the lower portions of walls too as pets sometimes urinate on the walls.

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