Obtaining information on trailer

I have a tenant who has recently moved out of her home in the park. My manager knows that she has a mortgage on the home, does anyone know how we can figure out which bank has the mortgage? We cannot get the tenant or her family members to return our calls.

Dakotamobile, we have had the Mortgage Companies contact us directly when a Tenant is just ‘behind’ on their Mortgage Payments.  The Mortgage Companies want to know if the Tenants are up to date on their Lot Rents.I guess that they want to get a feel for the financial trouble that the Tenants are in.A fellow MHP Owner had a Mobile Home that was foreclosed upon and that Mortgage Company contacted the MHP Owner directly.  That MHP Owner did not desire to purchase that particular MH, so we ended up purchasing it from the Mortgage Company and moving it to our MHP.We wish you the very best!