Notes, reminders, and proj management software?

Working full-time while turning around my first park is difficult to say the least. I need some good software or methods for PMing the turnaround and dealing with day to day operational issues. Many of my operational issues are like projects also as I’ve never put together a rental contract or any other numerous needs that you vets deal with all the time. I’ve never done bookkeeping before, for example, so even learning the basics of each business functional component is a project. I need to be Johnny on the Spot to track tasks, time, and my budgets.I’ve been eyeballing “Where’s the Milk” for task management with synchronization for smart phones, computers, etc. I’d love to hear what you all use to manage your parks and/or turnaround efforts.PMing, note taking, and task management (and retrieval) is my focus.

I had used OmniFocus, but found it a bit of ‘overkill.’  I now principally use Apples built-in Reminders app to PM and distribute tasks to members of my team.  That said, I’ll be interested to hear what others use - especially those managing larger teams where responsibilities for tasks need to be distributed to others and tracked.-jl-

Jefferson, Thanks. I’ve heard that OmniFocus is a great piece of software and that Where’s The Milk is the Windows favorite as OmniFocus cannot be used on Windows.Would you say that OmniFocus is overkill due to the time commitment required to customize it for your needs? Does the Apple built-in reminder system allow to retrieve prior task information for historical reporting purposes?