Note for sale

I have a note that I would like to sell either partial or full. It’s a mobil home note. This is a home that I sold in my park. The note is 3 months old. The original note was $12,500 for 84 months at 12%. My park is in Texas.

Do you have pictures of the trailer?

How much does the lease space for (in case I foreclose)

Is the trailer used for collatoral in the contract?

Where is the trailer located?

What’s the year model of the trailer?

What could you sale the trailer for today?

Yes I have pictures.

Our lot rent is $175

I own the trailer and I sold it and I am carrying the paper.

The home is located in my park in Texas

It’s a 1985 Redman

I sold it for 14,000, i think the NADA is $10k

May I ask a question? You mentioned you sold your mobile home and that you had a note on it. I have been considering selling my homes and financing them. My park is in Virginia. Should I do rent to own, fix up a note and how would I do that, or lease to own and if someone could explain the differences I would appreciated it. What is the best way to do this kind of transaction?

Fred Balke is the man to ask about Virginia. He holds many notes there from before he bought the park in Georgia! I am sure he can and will give you much information.

get the lonnie scruggs book DEALS ON WHEELS and it also includes all the forms that he uses and he is from virginia.


e-mail me.

I am always interested in good notes. We especially like notes held by park owners! Please e-mail me off board at if you have not sold this yet.


Marc Faulkner (269)806-8802