Note buyers for MH's or SFR's?

Are there investors here who buy notes or does anybody know of good note buyers? I have a few land/home packages (a couple DW’s and SW’s and a real nice SFR site-built home) I would like to cash out and do it again. Good payment history and good homes… And I would stick around to help if any problems arose as they are in my subdivision that I’m working on filling up with homes.

If you are willing to discount the face value of your notes by 50-70%, you will be able to find a buyer for them on the internet. It is probably better for you to look for buyers locally or for friends and family with funds to invest their money with you at a much higher interest rate than banks are paying them now.

i have worked with a man named walter gorski at boston note company, you can find them with a yahoo search. they are very fair and easy to deal with. boston note was by far the best price for the note, and the fastest closing.