North Carolina MHP investor looking for MHP

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I hope everyone is healthy and safe.
My partner and I are looking to expand our portfolio. We are a boutique investor shop (just two of us) based out of Raleigh, NC. We recently closed a 39 lot MHP in wake county and had done flips and rentals from SFH, student condo, small multifamily, MHP, commercial class C office and turn them into mixed-use, in Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Memphis, Michigan, and New York.
We are looking for MHP that’s close to Charlotte or Raleigh MSA, preferably has value-add appeal. The size would be at least 30 lot above, mostly TOH, private utility and unpaved is ok.
Please send me an email or message if you have some leads. We are happy to work with you.

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@jackyen2000 would you be interested in 36 lots & homes North of Wilmington?


I would be interested. Please send details to

Would you be interested in investing in a new park 250-350 spaces?

Thanks, David


yes, sent you a PM thanks

Hi Jack, we are still working on our pitchdeck and financial info. We need a few more days perhaps ready to send you Monday!

Thanks, David

Hello all - new user here.

We are preparing to develop two brand new Class A MHP‘s in the western North Carolina mountains. The first will be a small park with 20 homes coming online in late 2021 and 2022. The second will start with 20 homes and will likely grow to 100+ over the next few years. All homes will be nice park-owned 3/2 doublewides, 1,300 - 1,500 SF.

While these projects don’t exactly match your preferred locations I’ve mentioned them anyway as Charlotte is not that far away.

We expect to have room for a few LP equity investors. Also may need some help establishing a realistic pre-construction estimate of stabilized park value in 2023, will do a separate post on that topic later.

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And yes Frank - have read your previous post about why one should never ever try to develop new parks from scratch :grinning:

Fortunately our projects include solutions to the challenges mentioned in that post…