We sent out notices at the end of November that we are not renewing 2 leases and they have to be out by the end of December. They are, of course, still here, one just paid his January lot rent. They own their homes. Can we accept his lot rent and still move forward with the eviction? If the other one does does not pay their lot rent, can you keep them from moving their home out until you get paid?Any experience with how to approach these people to buy their house (they’re already pretty upset with us), we would really like to keep the homes here but we have to have them gone.Thanks,Leighnae Fabian

Assuming you are not in CA, then I’d probably accept their rent for January.  But regardless of what state you are in, file an eviction today.  I know it feels cruel sometimes, but residents that misbehave this way and don’t respond to reason and to being polite really do only understand and respond to one thing - force.  Get that court date for the eviction served to them ASAP.  Then the’ll start moving out.But be fair with them.  Tell them you are open to buying the house, but of course they can pull it out, or sell it to someone else.  Don’t be a bully forcing them to sell their house to you.  Be fair and maybe tell them that while they personally have to be gone ASAP, you’ll work with them for a month or two while they sell their house.  Their house can stay longer than they can.  Make it clear you are evicting the residents, not the house.Good luck,-jl-