Non renewal of lease

One of our more trustworthy rehabbors says he caught one of the tenants cutting material out of his project unit, most likely to sell for scrap. This same tenant has also had complaints of drug traffic to his house, so I think its time to do a non-renewal on his lease.

I looked through Frank and Dave’s toolbox from the bootcamp and couldn’t seem to find a form for a non-renewal.

Does anyone know if any particular language is needed for a non-renewal of lease? Otherwise I was just going to mail him a letter saying this is his 30 day notice that his lease is not being renewed, and he will have to vacate at the end of the next month. I was then going to mail it to him via certified mail, with a return receipt. Anything I’m missing?

Also normally I wouldn’t do this, but since he will be leaving on such hostile terms I was going to offer him money up front to leave peacefully.

Check with your state landlord/tenant regulations. Your forms will be available on line or through their local office.

My personal policy is to never pay tenants to leave especially criminals. He may take the money and leave but that will not change what he may do to retaliate he will simply wait till after he has the money. Once he is out serve him with a no trespass notice.

If you’ve not done this before, I suggest you have a local attorney help you out. Let me say, you have to search around awhile before you find the right attorney to work with. Ours performs evictions for a large park operator in the area - she’s also very good to work with. Regardless, they could help provide the proper form for your state and also have a process server deliver the 30-day to this tenant in person. You really need to try and have it delivered in person.