No water in park, will sewer system fail?

The well has failed because cheap “professional property manager” company refused to replace it when EPA told them it was bad last January. Tanker trucks of water have supplied residents, except property manager says he will not buy any more water, that he can’t afford it.

When the last of the water reserve is gone, will the sewer system go next because people can’t flush their toilets?

Winter is coming on, and we are located in the snow belt.

Are you a tenant in the community?

The property manager/owner is responsible for providing water. Contact the Health Department or the agency in the state that governs mobile home parks. The sewer system will be fine.

Yes I am a tenant.

Health department said they don’t get involved with mobile home parks.

We have been going to the EPA, they have been helping us get water. Now manager says there is no money to buy water, and of course the company supplying the water wants to get paid. This park uses $2,400 a week in trucked in water.

There are articles online about two other parks this “professional property management” company had. One was failing with water and sewer issues and about to close when new investors stepped in to save it.

Second one there was articles in 2020 and 2022 about horrible conditions in the park, and then the last article in June 2023 said the city closed that mobile home park for raw sewage all over the ground and e. Coli in the water.

Our park is failing from water issues. Residents are concerned the sewer will fail now too.

The EPA does try to help, but there’s only so much they can force owners/managers to do.

The Department of Commerce that issues mobile home operators licenses in our state has not responded so far.

Let us know the name and location of the park. We will buy it and install professional management and improve it. That is our business.


We’ve been trying to buy the park since last January. The managing member of the LLC won’t respond to phone calls, letters or emails.

This guy only owns 10%, but has complete control. He has mortgaged the property beyond what it could possibly be worth with all the problems it has.

Our situation is a cautionary tale for mobile home park investors to be careful who they give control to. This guy has run two other parks into the ground.

Reviews online on Google and Yelp from many other parks he “manages” are all horrendous, but his fancy online website claims his company is the most experienced in managing mobile home parks.

Anybody can make a website and claim anything they want apparently.

Its kind of scary that someone who only owns 10% can sign mortgages for millions on properties. Hope the other investors know what is happening.

Is the park in Ohio? What’s the name of it?

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Is your park in Pennsylvania?