No title to MH

Hi, does anyone know the process to title a home in NJ? My plan is to fix up the MH & sell it. Anyway it can be sold with a bill of sale? I was told this could be a process to get the home another title. The title was lost by the original owner & it is a good deal. What risk am I facing if I follow through with this sale? I was wondering if anyone had this problem that could help or knows about this…Thanks in advance.

Check with the titling agency on NJ. They will know exactly. Get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth, not the other end, which is what you get by asking the anonymi on the internet


(I thought that was pretty clever!)

Is the original owner still around? You may be able to get them to file for a lost title.

THANKS!! :slight_smile:

I am not sure if the owner is around. I am buying the home from a mover who is moving the home out of a park probaly getting it for free. The mover asked the park for it & they dont want to go through the hassle of finding it. I assume he is getting the home for free to junk it & the owner is the park. He spoke with a lawyer who will have to go to court & it will be a long 75 day +/- process. The home is in need of some work but the deal is great!

I dont know what the outcome can be & what risk I am taking so I was wondering anyway to get around it…Thanks for the help…I will call a title company Monday!

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