No storm drains, should I worry?

I have a park that I am going to contract on and the seller stated at the signing of the LOI that the park doesn’t have storm drains and is build on very sandy soil. The park itself as City water and sewer, should I be worried? Park in in a Metro area.

I am waiting for heavy rains to go to park to see what it looks like, but is having storm drains a must have?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Check with the city if they’re required for the park. People have ditches along the roadside as an alternative (and where the city allows it). If you have flooding or pooling under the homes then you need to seriously consider a drainage plan.


Thank You @jhutson for your insight.

It would depend on how long the park has existed. If it’s worked till now there should be no issues going forward. Talk to the tenants they will let you know if there are drainage problems. If none then you don’t need to fix what isn’t broke.

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I would talk to as many residents on site as possible and ask them if they’ve had any issues with flooding. I would also talk to the code enforcement and the building department and ask them if they have any concerns about the drainage at the park.


I agree with all of the above. We don’t have any drainage systems in the park, nor ditches. But we do have small trenches in various places around the homes. The park is on a gradual slope, so all the water travels downward and eventually towards the backs and woods.

Echoing the need for you to go to the local government and make sure there is no forthcoming enforcement action or requirement for you to install storm systems. Highly unlikely but something you need to check out.

More important is for you to see where the drainage goes and find out how long it has gone that way. This will come up if you are draining all your surface water to someone else’s property and they want to develop in a manner that would stop that drainage. Not something you probably have to take action on now, but something you have to manage over the years.

Thank You everyone who commented. At this point we are still talking through the LOI we gave the owner and I will keep you posted on progress.

Thanks for the information and your time.