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This site, as well as the other sites that are dedicated to the M.H. industry, is simply a social-professional network open to anybody

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Dale, You have made several postings encouraging people to move to other forums. I am not sure your motivation but yes it will be deleted. Many people post on this forum providing help/guidance as well as seek the same. It is not fair to them to spend the time utilizing this forum with a person encouraging people to use a different forum. Steve and I continue to pay for website hosting as well as a website programmer each month to allow people to share ideas and best practices.

I encourage you strongly that if you don’t think the MHU Forum is for you or if you unable to provide constructive posts to help others (the vision that Ernest Tew had for this website/forum) that you join another website and post on their forum.

I expect that this will be the last with regards to this topic moving forward.


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You have motivated me. I will try to post more, sometimes I think people don’t care about my little business or my opinion for that matter. I have some questions about the day to day stuff of a mhp operation that I will post today!


Bernd, I agree with you that the lack of posts by the “regulars” is most likely due to the increased efforts currently required to maintain current incomes.

I feel the same way. A few years ago I was able to visit this forum and CRE daily and I enjoyed “catching up” on what others were doing in their own operations. Now I am so caught up trying to stay ahead, I am lucky to visit the forums once a week.

I definitely appreciate Tony’s interest in keeping the CRE forum alive. I have been visiting the forums for over 6 years now and he has always provided constant and relevant information.

I hope to be more active in the upcoming months…

Hiya Bernd,

Good to see that everyone’s favorite German Libertarian (well, OK, perhaps the only German Libertarian) is still at it. Hope all is well with you and Barbara.

Posting…well, for me it’s a couple of things. Tax and law practices are both very busy and booming and take the vast, vast majority of my “business time”. Kids are 14, 11 & 10, and take tons of time - time which I do not begrudge one little bit, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Also involved in preparing for coming troubles - I think the two of us are mostly on the same page when it comes to that. Of course, also “doing my part” politically, even if it may ultimately count for naught. Finally, a bit of posting fatigue…you will see me posting more over there, as I am now a moderator. You will likely also see me picking my topics carefully, as covering the same thing over and over (e.g. - “Do I Need An LLC”, etc) does get a bit tiresome. But it’s mostly the time. The parks are doing fine, slowly but steadily increasing occupancy and quality of tenants with very little commitment of time on my part. I’ve done plenty of boneheaded things, but buying cheap sure makes up for a lot.

Have a nice Warsteiner Dunkel and stogie when you next think of me,

Naturlich und immer noch, dein John

Dale, We have not had a monthly newsletter in about 18 months. We do not sell any information… never have and never will! We have not made any changes to the website design in 24 months.

If you have any questions you can email me at If you feel that this forum/website is not for you I will not not be offended in any way.

It seems like lately you have continued to be negative. If anybody knows Steve and I well we are ALWAYS positive and see the glass half full. This is the spirit the forum was intended. If you find that you are not able to embrace this spirit then this forum might not be for you.

I am not going to spend any more time on the continued negativity and expect this will be the last of it. I am not sure what your ulterior motives are but either way the spirit of this forum is one of helping and positivity. The first one you exemplify, I hope the latter you will embrace moving forward.

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These are buying times and that is what is occupying most of my time these days. I love to read informative posts and contribute when I can. I learned a lot about this business by reading forum posts and I am thankful to all for that. With that said.

I am a debt leverage operator and I will use all the leverage I can to buy solid quality assets. If I can buy a 75% occupied community that has a 5 year historical occupancy of 75% I am all over it. Of course other demographics and community infrastructure must fall in line too. There are several states that have great economies, great demographics and quality MHCs that can be purchased. I am all over them. Down payments and financing always show up for good deals.

On another note if the World - US economy goes to hell in a hand basket. I want to be holding the biggest basket possible. Remember investing is personal.

If your ship is going to sink it does not matter if you are on a oceanliner or a row boat you still end up at the bottom.

Life is good

Rick Ewens

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