Sorry new to this, recently came into some $$$ and wanted to research mobile hoem parks as an investment. I sold Real Estate in the past and also managed large Apt complexes…what do i stay away from and what do i look for ? I realize peoples opionions vary !!

hi kbrown, howzitgoin?

gosh! i haven’t been on here in a coon’s age. but i’m surprised nobody has replied

to your posting. so, if i may put in my 2 cents, i will…

so, you came into some bucks. hee-hi! lucky you. and so the first thing i am going to

tell you is to don’t be too quick to part with your duckets, yet. if i were you, i would still

think in terms of using OPM to do deals even though you can use yer own now…

as far as how you can learn the mobile home community biz, you already in the right

place right here. dave, frank and the rest of their merry gang have put together a

bunch of free stuff. although, being in the busines you’ll probably breeze right through

that stuff. in which, case, i would recommend checking out their books and home

study courses. AND you’re just in time to attend one of their bootcamps next month.

that’s all i got. good luck. cya…

the rei lady


Have you partnered with any one? I am negotiating a deal right now. Was looking for a debt partner. Also a Realtor. Have been studying MHP for a while now and just waiting for the local banks approval. Still might be needing some cash. If you’d like to talk, respond to my email.

Welcome to the forum! You’re doing fine so far.

I’d highly recommend the Mobile Home Park Store Boot Camp. Look on the website for the next one. It’s an intensive highly active learning environment with others similarly situated. I think it’s an excellent investment of time and money for anyone considering buying a park.