Newbie to MM

I have just returned from MM6 thankful that there are other of my species out there! I started “flipping mobile homes” 8 years ago thinking I was the only one doing this and wondering why? I bought a mobile home park 2 1/2 years ago still thinking that I was one of a few people that understood what cash cows mobile homes and mobile home parks can be. I completed over 40 “Lonnie Deals” before I even new who Lonnie was! When I found Lonnie’s books I literally devoured them in 2 days. I vowed then that I would be at MM6. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to Corey, Steve , Blake , Fred, and all the rest that help in making sure that Mobile Home Millions is a success. They all work long hours to make sure that each event is successful! I was told that it takes 3 solid months to prepare for each convention and some preparation has already started for MM7. Try taking THAT time block out of your schedule! My point is that we should all be thankful for the dedicated MHU staff. I can’t believe how helpful every one is and prepared to share all they know to help you accomplish your dreams. I have read about people in this forum who doubted that L/D’s were real. I am living proof that they are!!! If anyone follows Lonnies advise and does everything that he tells them to do they WILL have the same results. If they don’t then they have done something wrong! If anyone needs help in this PLEASE e-mail me ! Also remember as with anything else in this world you MUST have a positive attitude or you can fail before you begin!! Once again my hat is off to the staff at MHU for a tremendous experience at MM6. Those of you that were’nt able to come sure missed out on a chance to expand on your knowledge and hopefully your bank account!! I’m just thankful to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with others of my kind (species)!!


Thanks so much for the kind comments. Putting together an event like that does take work, but it’s worth the effort when quality investors, like yourself, come and share experiences and talents with all of us.

The energy at MHM VI was unbelievable. This is one of those rare events where seasoned, smart and successful investors converge to help some of our newer members and also come to learn how they can take their business to the next level.

Welcome to the MHU family and we all look forward to your responses on the forum.