Newbie needs help!

I’ve owned my own mobile home for years, but renting the land.

Due to a few good investments, I’ve recently been able to purchase 10 acres in a sprawling community. I paid cash.

Now I’m looking to use that land. Plan: Build a mobile home community.

There is water and electric provided. It is out in the county, with no zoning or restrictions, so I stand a good chance of banking as I get grandfathered in.

There is a 30x30 community building on property already (for parties/events). I’ll be moving my mobile home out there, and there is an existing MH on the grounds - I already have my first 5 tennents lined up.

We are in North Texas, and I’ve noticed that there are drought problems occasionally that really tear up the land & foundations of permanent houses (worse than frost can). So I’m looking to put in reinforced 3000# concrete slabs. I assume the slabs must be raised (for drainage), and that there should be a minimum of 6 anchors for each slab?

In addition I’m thinking 200A power disconnects with each meter, water, and either a community septic tank or one per lot (will make the grass greener anyway).

Finally - anyone know of a place where I can get repo homes, or how I can make arrangements with mobile home sales companies to have them send their business my way?

Thanks in advance -

Ray the Engineer.


Most of the folks on the forum wouldn’t recommend doing this. It may be a good idea to check out this article, written by Frank Rolfe, on the subject of building a park. Here is a link to read it at it.

Building A New Mobile Home Park

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