Newbie Needs Help


First of all, I am a newbie in this arena but have invested in single families for cash flow. I am expanding my investment strategies and MPH arena looks viable but I really need guidance.

Okay, here is a brief synopsis of the property. It is a newly developed MHP in Southwest PA. Absentee owner from California who is a lawyer who lost wife and just wants out. He invested heavy in infrastructure with new sewer, water and underground electric lines (city sewer, water and gas) for 50 sites. Currently 11 spaces occupied with 3 owning their site (current owner wanted to use California condo model plan but it did not work in this market). It sits on over 70 acres most of which is usable and within town limits. Expansion of at least 75 more site for possible growth. Market is mobile home friendly but town passed a recent regulation requiring all additional mobile home to be new and not used. Has not been challenged yet but I don

Hi Tom,

Give me a call if you want…I had a contract on this property a few months ago and decided to bail on it. I’ll tell you what I know.


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