Newbie looking for help evaluating a potential deal

I’ve had Lonnie’s book for a couple of years now and yesterday I mustered the courage to check a park out. The book doesn’t make it clear about finding out the value of a home and making an educated offer on the home. The lot rent on the property is $300 and it is selling for $8000. The property is a 2br/1ba home. I couldn’t find out what year the home was made or the dimensions since the secretary was gone. What should I find out first here? Should I look at the taxes on the property? Where would I go to find this out? How can I find out what it’s worth in this market? BTW I’m in Charlotte N.C. How can I find out what monthly payments are reasonable to ask for here on this home? What other questions should I be asking that I’m not asking in this case?

Thank You