Newbie here!

Hi guys! New member here, with tons of questions, love the site and the opportunity to learn something from you guys. Here’s a summary of my situation: 21, young kid, with very little experience, but a significant amount of capital to invest. I would put it at about 120k in cash. Given that I have that sort of capital, I became very curious about the entrepunerial doors that it might open. I’m very interested in making my own way, so I began looking into possibly buying multi family homes and renting, but then the prospect of buying MHPs has caught my interest. Like I stated, I have just about no experience. This is where I could use some help from you guys haha, more than happy to put in the work and money necessary, but where do I begin? What sort of resources would be helpful? How profitable are these? Is this over my head? It’s a biting off a lot for a young inexperienced kid, but from my perspective, the sooner I get involved in this business, the more time to build, learn and expand. Thanks for any advice guys!