New Year's resolutions

Notice how it took me three weeks to get this list done? LOL off to a good start, huh?

This year only 3 (one personal and 2 business)

  1. Get my eighteen year old enrolled in college and deed a property to her (with 2 units on it) for living, rentals, or resale. Will deed into a LLC with her as owner. This will give her a real jump on life.

  2. learn to use a financial calculator. I know, I know, good enuf has been well, good enuf for me for years but it is kinda embarrassing not to figure out yield etc. Had a note payer pay me a 10K principal reduction amount and I could not amend the ammo schedule without help. Am taking an accounting class this summer at local community college, and will read more of Lonnies info on calculator usage. There is no excuse not to have these basics down. Sure, buy something for 4K sell for 9K with 1500 down and 234 per month at 12.75% and it is good enuf. I’ve reached a point where I want to find out how good enuf is it?

  3. Find and buy a Park in FL GA or TN. Too old for a turn around, looking for 100+ spaces with 15-20 vacant to add upside. 1M - 2M with terms with city water and sewer seperately metered. Would like to live there 6 months and winter in fL.

These seem like easy plans, but anyone who has tried to find a Park, it is very time consuming and I listed my resolutions in order of priority.



What in heck do you mean you are “too old” for a turnaround??? It is NOT a game for impatient younger people! Believe me, it would be GREAT to fill a park fast, but we are leaning that there are lots of other things that must be done first. More about that at MOM…

Now, if you were to find a park and a deal like Karl’s…oh yeah, more about that at MOM, too!

Edgewater has never seen a group like us…can’t wait!

This is Therese and Ricky from Warner Robins, Ga.

We have our bags packed and just waiting on Thurs to leave. We are very excited. This is always full of the most interesting people, and the networking is the best. Its priceless. We finally have our park full, and ,I guess Ill wait til the MOM meeting to go into the details.

We Cant Wait

See Everybody there.