New roof

Hi, I’ve seen some threads on here about new roofs vs. patching.  I just got a bid for new shingled roofs for 3 older homes…$3484 EACH!  I’m thinking this is too much.  Do you agree?  If so, how do I find someone to patch it and how much should it cost?  As far as I know, they leak but don’t have major holes or anything like that.  The park is in IOWA and I’m in San Diego, so I’m using remote eyes and hands to help me.

About ten years ago my grandfather and I did a metal roof on a mobile home.  Just slapped it right on top of the existing roof and it took about a day to do.  I was too young to care about how much we charged the guy, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t over a $1,000.  I’m not sure what the consensus is on metal roofs in parks, but I thought it looked better than the shingled roof and it definitely lasts longer.  

I don’t know, but $3500 for a new shingle roof sounds about right to me.  We sometimes use corrugated steel panels right on top of the old roofs instead of reshingling, but be careful the metal is properly secured or it can blow away in the next windstorm.  Make sure the eaves & corners are well screwed down.  We use the same kind of panels for skirting too.Brandon@Sandell

Two of the MHPs in our area had some older Mobile Homes with water issues.Both MHPs were owned by the same person.  This MHP Owner came up with a strategy to put blue metal roofs on all his old Mobile Homes.He made sure that the roof extended over the sides of the Mobile Home to help prevent water from seeping into the windows.He installed the blue metal roofs over the existing roof.We are in South Carolina, so we need to worry about wind.However, for those in the north you will need to consider the weight that snow will produce on your metal roof.We wish you the very best!

the first park i looked at in marion, arkansas used the metal roof option on a number of houses, this was a mom and pop park and he fixed things the cheap way, hence the metal roof. it will serve the purpose and is probably the most economical manner to replace a roof.

As a ball park figure on any type of work I calculate the cost of material and double that number to estimate costs with labour. Roofing is a very high profit business so trippling the material costs is probably closer. Having sad that depending on the size of the roof the estimate you have may be a good number.
I shingled a 14’ X 68’ acouple of years back and the material cost was close to $1400.00

Has anyone here ever tried sprayed foam roofs?

If you hire a company to do the work on a asphalt roof you should be paying $260-$275 per square (10’x10’) section.  If you hire a guy you could pay $60 per square labor plus materials, dumpster etc.  Hope that helps

One thing to note is that the roofing installation industry has by far the highest workers comp costs, at least in CA, partly due to the many hazards.  When I had SFR’s years ago I hired local handyman types to do roofs, some of it I did myself, and it always worked out well.  Today, however, I think I would make sure that any worker was covered by insurance and that all hazards were completely mitigated.  Also, old asphalt shingles are classified as hazardous waste so need to be dealt with accordingly.
Jim Allen