New Refinance on 1987 KB Mobile Home

I am looking for a refinance on a 1987 KB mobile home in nice park in Corona, CA. 3 Bed. 2 Ba. 1344 sq. ft.

The owner has good credit, no debt and 682 credit score.

They are looking for a 20 year loan for $30,000 at 8% or best rate.

Same model in same park selling for $65,000 - $80,000.

Call or email me.


Dave Roekle


951-278-2886 Fax


You will have a challenging time finding conventional sources for financing a MH in a MHP. I would look for private investors. An investor would be safe at a 40%-50% LTV and a buyer credit score of 682.


ave, give me a call or email. We re-finance mobile homes on leased land in parks.