New purchase contract

How often do you all find that a lawyer has a list of concerns or objections to a purchase contract you submit.

Not very often for me. I use the one provided by MHU. I had it reviewed by an attorney and they made very few changes. They sharpened some of the language a bit. The sellers (and their attorneys) who I’ve sent it to have made minor changes as well. The seller and their attorney (and brokers) tend to think it’s a bit long.

Always. Did you mean “your” lawyer or the Seller’s lawyer?

The sellers lawyer is sending me a list of issues they have.

Always. It is a back-and-forth process.

Yes always. Many cases the Seller’s lawyer accuses me of putting out a contract that nobody could adhere to, and we end up using the state’s Real Estate Commission form. I just have to include a provision on the information sharing needed for financing. The rest hinges on extreme Due Diligence as the Seller guarantee’s nothing.

Thanks for the replies