New Park Listing

I just listed a new park on I was surprised to see that, even though I didn’t request it, the listing is “Early Access Required” for four days. I understand how that benefits the owners of the site, but doesn’t it disadvantage me? Not that it’s a huge deal, but for four days my listing is restricted to those who’ve paid for early access. If that’s how it is, it does seem like my 3-month run shouldn’t begin today, the 6th, but instead the 10th, when I have the full visibility on your site which I paid for!Not really upset…just curious.     :0)dave

I am not with MHPS… but I understand you feel urgent, and the site does not support instant viewing. In some ways, loopnet works much the same. In loopnet only people with paid access can see all of the properties listed. Such is life… but lets say one thing. The people that are paying for the MHPS data early are looking to buy- so any bites you get in the first few days will be people really looking to pull the trigger. 

Oh, and it’s not that I’m that anxious. It just doesn’t feel like I’m getting what I paid for. If you paid a car dealer to sell your car for you, and he told you he was going to take the car and put it in his garage for several days, and just show it to his friends, and then put it out on his lot, would you feel you’d gotten your money’s worth?

I can see both sides of the argument. The mobile home park store is a private MLS of sorts. So they can set the rules how ever they choose. Because the owner of MHPS, Dave, is also buying parks up at a rate of one every 3 weeks… well MHPS serves as a first look for him as well. So if your on the buy side- the really great deals that are listed through MHPS are a real foot race to try to tie up. It also supports some of the cost to operate the web site for Dave.I just dealt with this on a park I listed. If a park is wrapped up during the ‘VIP’ time, the seller is probably the one that is more at a loss. There might be someone in the general pool of buyers that would have been a stronger buyer, or paid more for the property. I listed my park on loopnet and MHPS at the same time. Because I knew of the delay, I would not allow anyone to put the park under contract until some point after the park was open to all of the buyers. In the end, I held the park and am finishing it, but because of the holding period- I was willing to just sit on offers and tell people I would accept offers, but I was not going to choose to begin to negotiate for - x days.  You might run the site differently… I might as well… but Dave does a pretty good job and this is a business for buyers and sellers, not just a service to facilitate real time listing info… it is what it is… I share your frustrations on some levels, and have learned sometimes in life- there is just not much you can do…