New owner questions

A few questions on a small park I hope to close on soon.

  • currently, park uses managers cell phone as park phone. Manager is staying on. He has cell phones contract for his family so I can’t get his number. I need to have a park number. What are my options? I don’t want to use my home number.

  • I’m buying a bunch of home notes and collecting for current owner on 3 other home notes they will keep. I opened a checking and savings account for the property. Will probable use Quickbooks or Rent Manager. Do I need separate checking/ savings accounts? Or do you do it all with the two and trac everything in the software?

  • currently manager gets $600 / mo and pays his own lot rent. He is open to $400 pay and free lot rent - currently $200. He is ok with either. Any view on what’s better?

  • any recommend on a copier/ scanner for q home. He doesn’t have home phone services so he may need to scan.

Go to Walmart and get a voip home phone. They have them as cheap as $39/year and you’ll get emails when you have a voice mail. You can set up the number for any state you need. Then you can forward the voice mails to your managers email. :slight_smile:

Use Google Voice.  Sign up and Google will automatically assign a number.  It is free and you can set it up to forward to any phone you want.  If no one picks up you can set a voice message. It will then record a vmail and send a transcription to your email.  This is an easy tool to manage.