New mobile homes in Michigan

We usually purchase Clayton homes for all our parks but weve reached out allocated limit on how many we can buy from them for this season. Does anyone have any suggestions on some other good MH manufacturers that they purchase from in the midwest region. We mainly buy 16x72’s

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Are you looking to buy only new ones?

We need to fill about 20 lots so were looking to buy mainly new with a few used if we can find them.

We list a few of them over at if you are looking for used in the midwest

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Champion seemed pretty comparable to Claytons last time I evaluated the two side by side for the area. I never ordered any though so can’t comment on quality.

I got some wholesale quotes from Fairmont Homes in Kankakee, IN that were pretty reasonable. The sales guy, Zach, was awesome–very friendly and helpful and I will absolutely reach out to him next time I need a home. I’ll DM you his info.

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What models are you purchasing from Clayton? On the lower end, Adventure Homes might make a good alternative, Fairmont also has a less expensive home line and a higher quality home line.

Bear in mind that all of the manufacturers I am aware of are way backordered and some are not even taking new customers. I’m scrambling to find homes for a development I want to invest in and can’t find a manufacturer who is willing to slot me in even with major pre pay. (Not in the Midwest, but basically my choices are Clayton, Champion, or Cavco as there are almost no independents in the West.)

You may have somewhat better luck with Independents in your area.

What city and state are you looking to buy homes? And what’s your criteria? If I come across some I’ll contact you.