New Mobile Home Park Resource List

We at are constantly trying to come up with outside the box ideas to help our customers as well as our own website and investing business.

We have a new project which is to build a mobile home park resource list that will be made available to all those that would like to participate. This will be a list of Frank and Dave’s resources as well as those that are contributed by you and our visitors.

For example, do you have a local or national bank that you work with that is looking to make mobile home park or mobile home loans? Or, how about a place to buy skirting or doors at rock bottom prices. Or maybe a crew that you can turn loose and they will rehab a mobile home from top to bottom at a reasonable price with quality work. The list goes on and can include any resource that you feel would be valuable as a mobile home park owner or industry professional.

Here are a few ideas but make sure to add your own to this list:

-Lenders for Mobile Home Parks

-Lenders for Mobile Homes



-Property Managers




-1031 Companies

-Phase 1 Companies

-Private Utility Experts

-Property Management Software

-Payroll Service

-Tenant Screening Service

-Mobile Home Brokers (that have good used homes)


-Dealers with good used homes

-Manufacturers with the best prices on new homes

-Companies that buy mobile home notes


-Roofing solutions

-Tornado Shelters





-Linoleum & Vinyl



-A/C units


and the list can go on.

I am sending this out to all of our subsribers and if you wish to participate then put some time into sending us your recommendations. To get a copy of the compiled list as well as a monthly update to the list we ask that you provide at least 2 recommendations. If you have no recommendations, then you can still receive a copy of the list if you promise to tell 10 people about

The best format would be:

Company Name

Contact Name






Areas Serviced

Brief Description of What they do

What sets them apart from the rest?

We hope that this service will be beneficial for all that participate.

Email your recommendations to and we will start compiling the list to distribute over the next couple of weeks.