New Legacy MH - Metal Roof vs. Shingle

Am getting ready to purchase a couple of Legacy MH and was wondering if it’s worth the extra $1,000 to upgrade to shingle from metal roof?  Also, wondering if worth extra $1,000 for the Smart Panel siding vs. the vinyl.Thanks! 

If there is additional profit in upgrading then it’s worth the expense otherwise no.

I might be biased here because I love metal roofs, but I would definitely not pay more for shingles.  My experience is that metal is less upkeep and I really enjoy having it on my own house during rain storms!  Your upgrade to smart vinyl probably isn’t worth the money either.

Thanks for the input!

I 100% agree with Charles.

I think you’ll be sorry if you purchase a new home and omit the vinyl siding and shingled roof option.  It does a lot to increase the curb appeal of the community.

Bruce - the vinyl is not an option per his post, the vinyl is standard, the smart panel siding is optional.  I assume this is hardi-plank style siding and will need painted.Metal roofs can be coated and can last decades.  Shingles - 15 to 20 years at most.