New kind of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Carpet is a joke - we’ve had recent showings where someone dropped a cigarette and burned the brand new carpet TWICE. Dog cra… don’t get me started.

We tried some sheet vinyl-fiberglass - very durable for everyone — except in MoHos… don’t get me started.

We’ve done Pergo style laminate, but you can’t mop it and get it wet - they do… don’t get me…

So I saw this, we tried it and it is slick. Doesn’t get nailed down, doesn’t mind getting wet, looks great, etc.

Konnecto - Has anyone been using this stuff? We love it - not too high $2.09/sf and SIMPLE to lay.

here is a video showing how it goes down.

Jack Shea (our 1031 guy) told us about it, our beauty salon owner has it, we just put it in a $300k sfh we have for sale, etc.

Any others using the Konecto product?

Brad Simmons