New Investor to MHP’s

Brand new member here. Little background on me: I’m a former school teacher turned real estate investor. I own a bunch of single family properties and I’m pretty happy with my current portfolio. I also own a few laundromats that do so-so.

I’d like to change things up moving forward. I LOVE mobile mansions. I actually own one as a family vacation home at the beach in a very nice park. I’d like to replicate that in my local area.

I’d like to buy existing or build new. Preferably build new. I have some excavation equipment that’s be capable to do a lot of the individual site preps and utilities, but I’d need to sub out the big stuff like roads and overall clearing and grading.

I know very little about this industry. My main concerns with building new is zoning, and finding suitable land. Also, what’s the supply looking like for new single and double wides? In in south eastern PA. Who are some reputable manufacturers in my area? How’s the overall process work? Do most owners act as a sales agent for the manufacturer and collect a commission on that, or is it easier to just let a realtor do it or somebody else? What am I looking at for hurdles moving forward?