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Well it has been approx. 18 months since our park was flooded and our SBA disaster loan is just being processed. ( I wonder if GM had to wait this long?) Under part of the agreement we have to purchase replacement homes all at once. Because of the length of time that has already passed we only need about 8-10 homes. However they all need to be purchased at once and fairly soon. I need a very basic 3 bdrm, 2 bath single wide. Since they need to be purchased in a bundle , I think previously occupied homes would be difficult to find. Is there a nice, basic, fairly cheap single wide manufacturer any one has dealt with? Do they give discounts for multiple units? What do you think would be the approx price. Thanks for any input.

What State is your community located in

Depending on where you are located, Skyline and Liberty Homes are the most inexpensive that I know of, I have sold both lines.


The park is located in central Indiana

Harmony Homes (a division of Faimont) has some lower end houses and are built in Nappanee IN they are still in business (few IN builders are)

Call Steve Peel 800-889-6394 X-3315

Years back when we bought a few newer homes for our land/home development deals, we ordered a brand of home called “General” that was cheaper in both price and quality (I’m afraid).

We ordered the homes from a repo mobile home dealer (licensed) who ordered the homes direct from the manufacturer and shipped direct to our land.

I don’t know if he is still in business but no doubt if they still make “General’s” someone with a license can order a bulk order for you.


If you have a park, and want to buy MH’s, manufacturers will sell to you. If they have a stocking dealer in your area then you will be required to agree to not sell to be delivered outside your park.

Thank you for your input. I have been to one dealer in Garrett, IN. I will look into several of your suggestions. I will let you know what the final deal is.