New Homes Available- no wait time

Hi I’m Darren with Southern Homes in Russellville, AL.
Wait times are gone and I wanted to let everyone know we have immediate availability to build you homes for the Southeast.
Please contact me if I can help in any way.

Darren Oliver

hmmm - this doesn’t bode well…

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Hi Darren and thanks ever so much for the heads up.

To me it sounds like conditions are such that home manufacturers will once again be motivated to do what it takes to get customers. If that’s true I have a proposition I’d like to put forth.

I have lots in a mobile home park in St Pete that’s well situated in a good neighborhood near beaches and shopping. Lots without homes on them in this park (and perhaps most) are difficult to move but lots with anything that resembles a habitable structure move very quickly and at prices far beyond what the structures are worth. (Even the properties where the structure is worth a negative amount move quickly and at premium prices.)

From seeing this I have come to believe that listing lots as pre-construction rather than as ‘vacant’ will allow greater cost recovery for the lot and potentially make even better -than-normal money for the developer. That said, at this point it’s just a theory and I don’t want to invest $100K just to make an extra $10K on a lot.

In the park I have these lots, based on observations and data collected over the past few years, I believe it would take about 4 to 14 days to sell a $100K (including installation) structure on a $35K lot in this park for about $160K, which would leave something over $20K for the developer that might like to help me test this theory in a risk-free manner. All that would be required of the developer in this case would be to make the assurances needed to list the lot as pre-construction (and if [and only if] plans go as expected, follow through with building and installing the home for the buyer).

If it doesn’t pan out we lose nothing. If it were to work, I make $10K more than I would have otherwise on my lot, some lucky realtor makes $5-8K for a 4-day (maybe 2-week) listing, and the developer gets a new customer AND makes $20K on top of what he/she would have made on a new home. What we’d be offering to the developer would be a low risk opportunity to gain a new premium customer they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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Can you resend? I don’t have anything.