New Guy

Over the years I have been advised (by Realtors mostly) to stay away from mobile homes. I have bought and sold mostly single family homes.

Recently, I have come to the realization that mobile homes may be a better way to do business. The single family homes require a lot of risk for a relatively small return.

Any advice would be appreciated. Is the “Lonnie” deal a good way to start? I have looked around and there appears to be a number of MHs that could possibly fit this scenario.

I have also looked at a small MH park with only about 17 spaces but room for expansion----small town that will not grow much and rents are low.

There are many books and courses available. Which ones are worth the money and time. How should I continue my education?

Thanks for any comment.


Start with Lonnie’s books. That’s where many if not most of us started.

I have always said that no matter what form of mobile home investing you get into (mobiles, notes, land/home packages, small parks, big parks, dealerships etc) Lonnie’s books will give you the basis you need to be in the driver’s seat.

From there you can pick which niche fits you and your area best and decide what other information would benefit you best.

Welcome to the mobile home game.

Tony Colella

Boy, I had lunch and already have a reply.

Thanks, I will follow your suggestion.


New Guy ( DFS)

Not long ago I was a new guy and this is what worked for me.

  1. Attended a Mobile Home Millions Conference ( more information provided than you can imagine)

  2. Purchased Lonnie Books ( used them like a Bible)

  3. Attended Mobile Home Boot Camp ( very detailed information on how to get in this business without getting ripped off and more)

  4. Attended MOM meetings (free) and you get to network with lots of real pros who are in the business.

  5. Read the Forum on this web page ( lots of successes and lots of mistakes to learn from)

Hope this helps. It worked for me. I am in several facets of the business today= Park ownership= Land Home= Lonnie Deals= And I Enjoy it

If you try to short cut educating yourself in this business it can get real costly.

Best of Luck

Rick Ewens


Thanks for the reply! Very good advice and I will try to do some if not all that you suggested.

I am already glad I posted the note on this forum. I appreciate that there are folks out there who are willing to help keep me on the path.