New Front Fence

I am currently working on my first park. The front of the park is off a main road and about 800 feet long. It currently has large red brick columns with 4x4’s in between them. The current fence is old and the columns have begun to lean and look bad. It will cost $3-5,000 to temporarily fix it. A white vinyl fence will end up costing around $13,000. I feel like that is too much to spend on a fence. Does anyone have any ideas on what would be a good cost effective option to replace the fence?Thank you

If the fence is not actually a barrier but rather for decretive purposes you could do short runs of vinyl spaced out along the 800’ to serve the same purpose. Probably save at least 1/2 the cost or more depending on the spacing.

Before I touched the fence I would make sure there are no zoning problems. We are trying to replace a chain link fence with decorative fence and it will require a variance. Hopefully this helps.

Try to save the brick columns, if you can. They are very expensive to build. See if you can run three-rail white vinyl between them – it makes for a great look. As tucker32 pointed out, you definitely need to make sure that you are allowed to repair/replace the fence without losing it altogether. We have had this issue in the past on some parks, as wel.

Does anyone have any estimates of the white vinyl fences? 

The national average runs around $4 to $12 per linear foot for the materials, plus labor. It can be done by a maintenance man – it is very simple to install – but MAKE SURE TO CHECK FOR UNDERGROUND UTILITIES BEFORE DIGGING AND THAT YOU HAVE THE NECESSARY PERMITS. The last thing you need is to hit a phone line and then have the city shut you down.

Casey - Those nicer looking fences add a number of positive things:  1)  Make the property look better - such minimal improvements really impress lenders and insurance companies;  2)  Give the tenants a bit more upscale feel and can cause them to act accordingly; and 3)  They act at least as a psychological barrier to unwanted pedestrian traffic.  My guess is that any money you invest in the fence upkeep will bring you a high ROI.  I’ve heard Frank say more than once that vinyl fencing is a great bang for the buck.Kurt

Thank you all for your insight. We were able to save the brick columns thanks to a local mason. Vinyl between the brick columns proved a bit too costly for the full 800 feet but two railed 2x6 were able to give a nice similar look, at least for now. Maybe down the road we can upgrade to vinyl but as for now I am very pleased with the fence. It was a good call to save the brick columns and ended up costing $5,600.

Wood Fence posts are more affordable than concrete and metal posts. Also, maintaining wood fence posts is also easier and affordable. Many wood fence posts can be maintained using a deck cleaner, water, and scrubbing brush.