New Era Coming to MHU

As most of you know not much has been happening at since the end of 2008. It was at this time that Corey and I decided to focus on our portfolio of properties and take a break from the education and training and, in my case, spend more time with my family.

I can accurately testify that it

Thanks, Steve. Dave and I are very excited to be more active participants in MHU.

We first met Steve and Corey about a decade ago, when everybody was just kind of learning the business as they went along and dealers were selling over 400,000 mobile homes a year. Steve and Corey put together an event called


I look foreward to the positive interaction of both forums. I personally formulated my business model from knowledge gained on the 2 forums.

Great Move



Glad to see the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

I am very excited at the potential to re-vitalize this forum. MHU was the first forum I followed. There was so much valuable information and insight to gain when I started investing in parks. I understand the economy has hurt many people and taken the zest from many of its members.

I am hopeful that we can share more insight, values and insightful commentary between the two forum groups. While there are some members who cross over between the two forums, most stick to one or the other. This will be an opportunity to really learn more from each other. Having different perspectives are vital to success in business and life.

I do believe that this poses as one of the best opportunities to make tremendous wealth. Hopefully we can all grow together!

I can already feel the new energy. If in the past I felt a little sluggish and low on energy I would call Mr. Braband who is a aquisition pro in these economic times. He would fire me right up. But now I can expect the same from Frank and Dave. I love to hear from people who are in action mode and making things happen.

Life is Great