New England


We are looking to buy a park in the New England area, but find the pickings are slim to none. We searched both this site and loopnet. Any input on this market would be ideal as to how often things come on the market and how much more they may be to a comparable site in the southeast.

We are discussing the possibility of Florida (or other area) and managing it through an on-site manager, but would rather have something with in driving distance.

Thank you.


Interested in the same thing. We should connect.

Why not try and find the parks off market and cold call owners? If you’re only looking on LoopNet, etc. it is going to be very hard to find a deal. You’ll also need to network with brokers who sell MHPs in New England.

We’re exclusively in New England. Maine has the highest concentration of parks, but also a lot of really bad ones. Everywhere else, deals come from networking and cold calling. Limited supply and hard to find owners who want to sell, but they are out there!

We have a park in NH that is off market and would like to sell. 59 TOH. 38 acres well and septic.