New electric meter?

Electrician is telling me this lot needs a new electrical meter (he just put in the new post that you see in the picture and attached the meter with zip ties). I’m new to this and trying to figure this stuff out. Does this need a new meter? It is still working as far as I know. Should it be attached differently? Thanks in advance for helping me understand this better!

What reason did he give as to why it should be replaced? I’m surprised by how low to the ground it is mounted. It should be up at chest level.

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I haven’t gotten that yet - just said it needed replaced.

Are you sure you hired an electrician? That “repair” looks very shade tree. How can you open the box to reset a breaker? The zip tie is in the way.
I hope you didn’t pay a lot for this repair.

It’s possible you need a new pedestal. the inside of the box could be missing everything inside

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Well I think you need a new electrician

The post installed is too short

There is a mounting hole on the back side up high in center. Possibly 1 low in the middle and 2 on the outside lower corners. Zip ties to secure it are not anywhere near “to code”. Would need to see the condition of the inside to tell if it needed replacing. Get another opinion on the interior condition of box. Good luck

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Looks like it was formerly an RV pedestal converted to 100 amp service. Proper underground service does not have exposed electric wires without conduit even if they are rated for outdoor use.

As others said have a licensed electrician (who doesn’t use zip ties) give you direction.

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