New construction

Hi, my name is Kathy and I have been working on a business plan for the last two years on a brand new mobile home park. I own 100 acres of beautiful rural wooded land in East Texas near Lake Livingston. I surveyed out 15 ac of land to build a park. The park would be for seniors 55+ with lots of activities, patterned after a lot of the parks you find in Florida. This park will provide 65 spaces to lease with room to grow.

I’ve been to two local banks. Both love my business plan, however, one just doesn’t want to finance a “mobile home park” and the other is just not sure there is a need. Within a 200 mile range there are no “nice” mobile home parks. None for seniors only. The closest thing we have is Escapee’s and they are for seniors with RV’s. The county where I live has applied for a certified retirement community status. A lot of retiree’s are moving here.

I mailed out a survey to a number of mobile home park sales offices and 7 came back - all positive for a new park. One sales office wants to put a few of their new homes in the park for us to to show what their home could look like if they lived here and of course for them to sell.

I realize your webpage is mainly for parks already established, but hoping you could give me some advice on what I need to do show a bank there is a need and also would you recommend pre-leasing spaces, even though I don’t have a park yet established or financed?

Thank you so much for your time. I’ve been a big fan of your website for years. Looking at pictures of other parks has helped me to determine what I want (and don’t want) in my mobile home park.