New app to take and share Drive Through Videos?

Hey gang,

I’m curious if anyone has figured out the best way using existing tech (cell phones) to take drive through videos and share them.

Often park managers are sending 15 different 90 second clips and putting them in dropbox, which is now overloaded with data. Anyone know of a free app where you can both record and share the videos?

Appreciate this great community! Will

Private YouTube videos might be one idea where they just upload the entire video. Or an actual app that records and shares, Zoom can be repurposed to let you record a meeting(aka your drive thru video) and share the recording. That would be one free option. Any others that anyone recommends?

We have a private Synology Server and upload to there. However, you can also use services like Dropbox or Google Drive. We may be switching from Synology to Google in upcoming months.

Not sure how the services work, but we have an autodelete function on the Synology folders so they are no overwhelmed. In the video folder, they delete on their own after being 30 days old. Also, we have a specific route that a manager takes so we don’t get 15 90 second clips. We prefer 1 or at most 2 clips of 5 to 10 minutes.

Have you tried using Threads by Instagram? It’s great for sharing videos quickly and efficiently. You can record directly in the app and share with a select group. Another option could be Google Photos; it’s easy to share and has plenty of storage.