New anti-discrimination law re mobile home

I came across a piece of new state law in W. Va that would require a municipality or a county, when enacting any ordinance or regulation for the purposes of regulating the subdivision, development and use of land, to treat the mobile home same as the stick built house.

It’s an anti-discrimination law that would allow anyone to put a mobile home on a residential land anywhere in the state. It seems like this new law would be unfavorable to MHP business because the tenants and future tenants of a park may feel free to put their mobile home on the land out of a park.

Is this type of law typical in other states? Will it reduce the demand for lots in mobile home parks? I recalled Frank mentioned that one reason parks in Louisiana is undesirable was that the mobile home owners can buy cheap land and have no problem to put their mobile homes there. Any thoughts? Thanks

The cost of a driveway well and septic system will be 25k+.

I wouldn’t be too worried, at least if this were to happen in my area. Two different customers with only a little overlap, if any, for the reasons stated above ($$$ to develop a residential lot)